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  • Ulrich Rückriem

Ulrich Rückriem

20/09/2001 - 17/11/2001
Ulrich Rückriem (2001), installation view.
Ulrich Rückriem (2001), installation view.
Ulrich Rückriem (2001), installation view.

For more than three decades Ulrich Rückriem has been creating a sculptural work that belongs to the most important art of the second half of the 20th century. At first, in the sixties, when Rückriem began to develop his characteristic language of forms, the materials he used were still diverse: wood, steel, iron and finally stone, which became the almost exclusive material for his sculptures.

The development of his work is dominated by the discourse with the stone: the raw blocks, found as they are in the quarry, are divided into simple horizontal and vertical cuts to later be returned to their original shape. The geometric form contained within these blocks is brought out in various volumes brought together by various cutting processes. The apparently simple language of Rückriem’s work gives way to a wide spectrum of variations whose principles combine elements of sculpture and architecture.

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This exhibition brings together the five volumes most used by him: the column, the stele, the cube, the wall relief and the horizontal relief. Also the different materials, such as the Blue de Vire granite, the Finnish Kuru Grey, the rosy Porriño or the English slate. And the different cuts made in them: wedge and saw.

This exhibition is the first solo exhibition of Rückriem’s sculptures in Madrid after a long time. His first important exhibition in Spain was at the Palacio de Cristal del Retiro in Madrid in 1989. At the Heinrich Ehrhardt gallery he has made two mural interventions in graphite and paint in 1998/99. Of his permanent installations in Spain, the set of twenty pieces in the Pre-Pyrenees near Huesca stands out.

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