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  • Günther Förg

Günther Förg

27/10/1998 - 15/12/1998
Günther Förg (1998), installation view.
Günther Förg (1998), installation view.

Parallel to the solo exhibition at the Velázquez Palace in Madrid where is possible to see the historical development and multidisciplinary approach of Günther Förg’s work, Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery is pleased to present the latest works that this artist has done throughout 1998.

It is a set of 18 medium format oil paintings on canvas, as well as 30 drawings. In them, Förg takes up architectural elements with an artistic vocation and reproduces them while continuing to recreate pictorial aspects. In some pieces, he recovers the rhythms and rational structures of modern architecture, such as the horizontal and vertical framework or the column, but he imbues them with a fluidity in the line and a fluency in the application of color that frees them from any plastic rigidity. These serial works, with their spontaneous and direct final product, somehow allow us to have access to his work process.

This exhibition offers a new dimension to the many facets of this artist, as his photographic and pictorial work has gained international prominence over the past decade.

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