Galería Ehrhardt Flórez


  • Thomas Zipp

Black pattex

30/05/2008 - 19/07/2008
Thomas Zipp, Black Pattex (2008), installation view.
Thomas Zipp, Black Pattex (2008), installation view.
Thomas Zipp, Black Pattex (2008), installation view.
Thomas Zipp, Black Pattex (2008), installation view.

The last exhibition of the season is dedicated to Thomas Zipp (Heppenheim, 1966): Black Pattex 78, the third solo exhibition by this artist at the gallery.

Thomas Zipp belongs to the generation of German artists included in the 2001 exhibition in Madrid “Musterkarte – Models of German painting” where, in addition to the protagonist of this exhibition, other artists from the gallery such as Thilo Heizmann or Tobias Rehberger, his colleagues from the Städelschule Frankfurt, where they studied with their mentors and professors Thomas Bayrle and Martin Kippenberger.

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The ease with which Zipp handles the very varied media that make up his work as a whole –painting, sculpture, texts, collage, videos or spectacular installations. He excels at dealing with exposures of him. The unique spaces – cabinets where he usually presents his works have something of a scientific laboratory and another bit of a collector’s house. Crowded spaces, the result of the externalization of a world in which both the recently deceased Albert Hoffman and the drug story that surrounded him, as well as Otto Hahn and the world of nuclear physics, are part of Zipp’s cosmos. Always with that sallow general tone, and as if his works were overcast and “charged”, the German artist takes us to a place where one might ask: what now?
“Than?” by the distance between the situation and reality. Because what Thomas Zipp creates is a set for an unreal, absurd situation, in which an extraterrestrial, volcano and alien sensation is combined, with modernized surrealist winds, a surrealism of other icons, other backgrounds, other landscapes and another history. A surrealism of science fiction and partial destruction that Thomas Zipp tells us exhibition after exhibition.

Thomas Zipp currently lives and works in Berlin and in recent years has opened solo exhibitions in places such as the South London Art Gallery, the De Appel Foundation in Amsterdam, the Kunsthalle Mannheim, the Kuntsmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr or the Kusntverein Oldenburg, as well as of group shows at the Tate Modern, the ZKM Karlsruhe or the Berlin Biennale.

This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the kindness of the Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin

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